Sunday, October 31, 2010

When The Going Gets Tough, Grains and Carbs Keep Me (Mildly) Sane

I'm so busy. It hurts. Make it stop.

A girl's gotta eat thought, right?

When the clock is ticking and time is precious, either:
1. Go out to eat,
2. Make yourself a PB&J, or
3. Cook what's easy and familiar

One night this week I made my "go-to" comfort soup, Hearty Grain Soup with Beans and Greens:

One night this week I made risotto (it didn't have asparagus this time, but I did roast some carnival squash to go with my simple risotto):

One night this week I made polenta and topped it with some already prepared salmon (definitely does not taste as good as home-roasted salmon, but it saved time, right?):

**NOTE: This time I made my polenta a little different than I usually do. I did not cook it with milk and I added a snippet of butter and a bit of cheddar cheese. What can I say, I like to change it up.

All I want to do is play in the kitchen. Stir and sift and knead and chop. I need a break, folks. I need a break.

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